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Hospital Chiropractic
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John gives an overview of the book:

Hospital Chiropractic: how chiropractic can make a difference in a hospital setting
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Hospital Chiropractic: how chiropractic can make a difference in a hospital setting

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You have probably had some kind of hospital experience in your lifetime. Relying on that experience, imagine this scenario:

A patient is waiting in an emergency room lobby with intense, almost debilitating, back pain. He checks in through triage, and impatiently waits to see an emergency-room (ER) doctor.

After a long wait, the ER doctor examines him and says, “Here’s a prescription for some pain medication. Your pain should lessen over the next few days. Follow up with your family physician next week.”

Can you imagine the frustration this patient is feeling — having had to wait to see the doctor, only to receive pain medication for a temporary fix?

The situation could be different, though, if the ER had an on-call chiropractor at their disposal.

Starting a chiropractic relationship with a hospital could mean amazing progress for the chiropractic profession and for patient care. However, planting the initial seeds of such a program needs to be done correctly from the start.

Chiropractic Economics talked with four doctors (three DCs and one MD) who have been directly involved with starting chiropractic relationships in hospitals. They have been through the certification and verification processes, and have been instrumental in helping others do the same.

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