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Shadow - homeless cat that Rolah feeds
On loss.What Inspired Me to Help Homeless People and Animals -About Instincts, Letting Go, and Moving Forward into a Greater Purpose Growing up I always had a great love for people and animals; however, to make a long story as short as I can, about ten years ago I had a small dog name Phoebe....
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John Traficante
A Total Reboot From the Soul to the Surface - Theater of the Self. 2011 Be Your True Self and Shine!Own your power and be your True Self! JT and Rock of Love and HopeRaising Consciousness to Higher and greater levels. Our 2011 theme is encouraging everyone to Be your True Self.We will be hosting a...
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Rock of Love and Hope
JT Universe & Rock of Love and Hope  Wish you all Happy Holidays!  As a special holiday gift we give you a free must-hear audio on the ending of a year and decade recorded by JT. John Traficante click here to listen http://geddupnoise.bandcamp.com/  Rock of Love and Hope is a non profit...
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John Traficante
The presence of peace and harmony operates as a healthy feeling in every moment of our lives, no matter what is going on. You must become friendly with this treasure in your soul. The feeling of peace is a light and airy sense and the feeling of harmony keeps you in rhythm with the universal flow....
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John Traficante
"O,  Sweet Surrender, How delicious  you truly is." When you learn to surrender, all that is within your spirit is free to experience peace. Having inner peace you are able to create and manifest all that you are working on in your life. You have more focus, strength and energy to fulfill...
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A question for you all: How big is your Ego?
A QUESTION FOR YOU ALL:  How big is your EGO?   The ego is a powerful mental and emotional virus on the planet that most people buy into, in one way or another. It is very destructive and serves no purpose to your spirit. It is the dark plains of consciousness or, rather, unconsciousness. Most...
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Reboot My Life!
Judgment How often do we find ourselves using Judgment on others and ourselves it must and only be used wisely? “Pay no attention to praise, blame or shame for they are all opinions.”   The presence of Judgment is a very powerful emotion in the Kingdom of Ego. This is by far the most important...
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Reboot my Life!
I will come Through this! I will get through this moment in my life. Whatever I am now experiencing I know I have the power to come through this. If I feel held back in any way, I know that all is in divine time. If I feel as if I don’t have enough, I will focus on plenty and be grateful for what I...
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Reboot my LIfe!
Thoughts Imagine for a moment that everything you think about in your head would be screamed out loud. You would be forced to control your thoughts. “Thoughts are choices we choose to entertain.”           Our thoughts come from our ideas, our judgments, and the focus of our attention....
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A Total Reboot
Do You Feel as if you are over thinking a situation in your life? You may be in an Emotional Coma. It's time to Reboot! An emotional coma is having a stagnant state of mind where you find yourself thinking perpetual thoughts that are useless to creating a life of happiness. Most people that take on...
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Reboot my Life
Patience and Understanding  Patience is the key to peace.     Understanding this statement is the key to freedom.  In life there are moments that we need to exercise patience and understanding even if you may not fully understand what is happening.  If you have the patience to allow the clarity to...
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Reboot my Life
Seasons of Life. There are moments on your journey that you will experience the seasons of your life. Some seasons will bring joy, happiness, and many wonderful things while other seasons may bring sadness, grief and situations that will require your full attention. You cannot escape these seasons...
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A Total Reboot
Meditation Universally touching the hearts of people and animals.Everyday I awaken and reboot my mind to my highest good.  I enjoy life to the fullest and the beauty of this day with gratitude and appreciation.  Welcome to Rock of Love and Hope and Our Meditation Sanctuary. Where Love and Hope are...
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A Total Reboot From the Soul to the Surface - Theater of the Self - by John Traficante
Add comment August 17, 2010 My Spirit is alive! Reboot my life! My spirit embodies this flesh of my being. I must allow it to be happy and free and not allow it to be swept away by the appearance of my surroundings, but if I do I shall do it with enthusiasm. All too often we forget that we are on...
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One Person, One Life.Help make a difference and walk with a purpose. Everyday I awaken and reboot my mind to my highest good.  I enjoy life to the fullest and the beauty of this day with gratitude and appreciation.   Do you ever feel as if you are doing all you are capable of and things still seem...
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