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Seasons of Life
Seasons of Life, Happy September! It's a new month and a new season embrace it....
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Seasons of Life.

There are moments on your journey that you will experience the seasons of your life. Some seasons will bring joy, happiness, and many wonderful things while other seasons may bring sadness, grief and situations that will require your full attention. You cannot escape these seasons.  There is a time to experience everything and while you’re in that time just realize that you are simply growing.

Life is full of many experiences.  There will be times when you feel as if you are so blessed and are grateful and thankful. There will be times when you feel as if the world may be on your shoulders. For example, the loss of relationships, or a marriage ends, a loved one dies, or a beloved pet passes away.  In this time it is most important to honor your feelings. We are on a planet that is a feeling planet.  Everything is about vibration and energy. As you feel what you are experiencing allow it to move through you. Sometime the season will bring about challenging emotions that you may have to deal with but rest assured that a new season is upon you. The cycle will end and a new season begins.

These seasons of our life are brought on by our choices that we make along our journey here on the planet and how we choose to deal with the situations that are happening. It is wise to say that when you begin to open yourself to the power that is within you and remain connected to the pulse of your faith, whatever it is that you believe in, that will guide you through the storms that you may sometime experience because of the choices that you have made.  Now, in the seasons of your life and with the choices that you have made you must realize that with it comes along lessons to learn from.  That is why we are here, to live and learn. On the journey when something pops up and things may seem as if they are going wrong, in those moments it is time to open your heart and not allow yourself to take the victim roll.  Even if by chance you have been the victim choose not to be, choose the victor roll.   Find some morsel of energy in the lesson that is brought to you and be as resilient as you possibly can.   Do this moment by moment.  Try not to look at the full picture.  That may be overwhelming.  However, if you look at it moment to moment it is much easier to handle.  Actually, if we all learn to live moment by moment life and the seasons that come upon us will be much easier to deal with.

And so on this journey when you are confronted with situations that come upon the seasons of your life, as with a loss of a loved one, or financial hard times, reach deep within the spirit of yourself and begin right from there, and listen, simply listen.  There is a voice that is within that will guide you to open the next door.  As you open it and you experience the mystery of not knowing what is there just embrace the fact that you have the courage to walk the walk through the seasons of your life. Have faith and use your heart as a compass because the most important thing that we have on this planet is love.  Love for what it truly means, not the love that you sometimes think it is.  It is the love that we all have that comes from the love of God.  Simply Believe.


REBOOT Mantra:

During the seasons of my life whatever one I may be experiencing I have faith, courage and strength and rely on the love of all love, which is God.

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Reboot and Simply Grow, Thank you!

John Traficante ©2010

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Hi John, What a great way to

Hi John,

What a great way to enter into fall! I enjoyed this very much. My feelings are in perfect harmony with your words and message. Your book looks great. The cover is inviting and puts out positive, uplifting energy.