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I will come Through this!
I will come Through this! No matter what you are going through on your journey. You will come Throught it!
Reboot my Life!

I will come Through this!

I will get through this moment in my life.

Whatever I am now experiencing I know I have the power to come through this.

If I feel held back in any way, I know that all is in divine time.

If I feel as if I don’t have enough, I will focus on plenty and be grateful for what I have.

If I feel lonely then I will go spend time with someone that may be elderly.

If I feel a lack of love and find myself without any relationship I will strengthen the relationship I have with myself and open my heart to higher and greater levels to allow in that special someone that will love me for the me that I have become.

If I don’t feel well at the present moment I will spend time healing my mind and body with thoughts that support healing rather than those that do not.

If I am going through financial hardship I will remember to be grateful for what is and begin from there.

If I am at a moment on my journey where I’m using tape and glue to make it through then I will be grateful for the strength that I have and the ability to use good judgment.

If I am left without a cause and do not know what to do, I will spend quiet time and go within and ask and listen and hear my higher self and a direction will be shown.

If I find myself faithless then I will believe in something greater than myself.

If I’m not appreciating my family, friends, animals, nature and the planet, I will take time today to see the value in everything that I’ve taken for granted and show some love.

If I find myself gossiping and judging others I will remember in that very moment to change my thoughts from judgment to allowance. Everyone is learning something.

If I see and hear young children without direction I will inspire them with courage, self love and motivate them in any way I know how to.

If everything in my life is going wonderful and I am not working on getting through anything then I will send love and energy to those who may be experiencing their lessons in coming through any of the above.

I will get through this moment of my life and I will do it with love, peace, harmony, forgiveness and gratitude.

I will get through this!

John Traficante

Rock of love and Hope ©2010



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You sure will...

This is the kind of inspiring piece that makes us think beyond our realms..

Great read!



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Thank you Leslie

Thank you Leslie!

Also Thank you for taking the time to send a comment....

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

John Traficante

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Thank you

Hi John

Thanks again for a very inspiring and thought provocating read. I liked the part about healing! I've just undergone invasive surgery on my foot and I had decided that it must be time for me to put my feet up and do some soul searching and self healing, your words re-confirmed what I had thought!

Warm wishes
Michelle x

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Hello John,

All of your words have such deep meaning and have the ability to dig deep into my thoughts. I took a moment after reading each part to relate it to some area of my life.
I truly believe the bit about being quiet and asking within for direction, this has worked for me on so many occasions. Funnily enough the very same thing was part of a conversation with Michelle and myself today.

You are very inspiring

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Thank you!

Thank you Emma! I appreciate the love and am sending some right back to you! May peace fill your heart with every breath you take....