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 Wish you all Happy Holidays! 

As a special holiday gift we give you a free must-hear audio on the ending of a year and decade recorded by JT. John Traficante click here to listen http://geddupnoise.bandcamp.com/  Rock of Love and Hope is a non profit organization that is run solely on your donations. We need your help!


 Hello Everyone, Happy Day!  

"Everyday I awaken and reboot my mind to my highest good.  I enjoy life to the fullest and the beauty of this day with gratitude and appreciation."

End of Year Review...
It is the end of the Year and time to tie up loose ends and have closure with things in your life that you do not want to carry into the New Year.

All proceeds from Sessions that are purchases from December 15 to 31, 2010 will be donated to Rock of Love and Hope. So please open your hearts and help me with our mission. If you purchase a session now you can use it in the New Year or buy one as a gift certificate for someone. We appreciate your support.


"In the wake of your shadows, in the mist of your travels,in the memory of the past gone by. Leave only forgiveness for then love is your compass and petals will remain that lead the path for the rest to follow. There is only love, there is only now."

Having closure in life with certain issues can be difficult to obtain if you are not yet ready to let go. Although it is an important process within the "Letting Go" stage we sometimes fear closure because it seems so final.We must release what we need to release in order to receive what we are asking for. We must allow the door to close so another door can open. Practice closure each day. Let it be instrumental in all you do. Listen to what you are holding onto. Is it fear, anger, or resentment? Is it a part of your grieving process? It is truly the voice of ego. The greatest paradox is when we truly let go of something, we actually receive the lesson of what it is we were supposed to learn. With this,remember to apply the energy of closure, tie up loose ends in order for your life not to be on a continuous cycle of unfinished emotional challenges. It is much harder if we allow things that are worthy of closure to instead build up. This blocks the light of awareness to flow through.

Visualize or write down all that you feel you need closure with. Look at what you have thought or written. Think about it.. Listen to the message within it. Feel it and accept it as you erase what you have written. Now, forgive and let it go. Do this as often as you need until it is no longer on your closure list. Take the good out of every situation and create closure with the negative as your forgiveness and redemption reboots and fills your soul with positive energy. Whenever you close a door in life be sure to close it with love and forgiveness then only peace remains. The biggest gift we receive from closure is freedom.

I forgive everyone as well as myself. I will apply closure to all loose ends in my life. 




Rock of Love and Hope Needs Your Help!


Rock of Love and Hope has a program that feeds, spades and neuters homeless animals in hopes that we can find them loving homes, but we can not do this without you. We need donations to continue our program. Click the PayPal link above to donate to this cause today. 
If you would like to become a volunteer for Rock of Love and Hope please email JT to sign up.  

Also available is a complete library of our conference call seminars by JT with various topics. Each seminar is approximately twenty five minutes beginning with a short meditation. All seminars are available for only a $10.00 donation for each one and you can order as many as you like. They can be emailed to you or sent on CD. For CD orders a shipping and handing fee will be applied. For a list of seminar topics click here. All proceeds benefit Rock of Love and Hope. We Appreciate you helping us help others.Reboot and Simply Grow! Sincerely, 

John Traficante