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Five things you ought to know about the Mina Balestra novels

1. Mina Balestra is head of the investigative team of Imola police force. Just about no one thinks that she is up to the job, Balestra included.

2. Servants of Two Masters and The Second State are set in Imola, in northern Italy. Imola is to be found between Bologna, Rimini and Ravenna. It’s best known for wine and motor racing.

3. Damiano Davina is a businessman on the rise. Construction, waste disposal and media are his thing. Some people are beginning to wonder who exactly is backing him.

4. Agente Berti drives a brand new Alfa Romeo Giulietta that he bought with the money left to him in his wife’s will. He is hoping it will impress the women. Berti really doesn’t understand women.

5. Some people think that Agente Ligeti is the type of work-shy layabout that you’d want to steer clear of. There’s much much more to Ligeti than meets the eye.

And finally. Keep an eye on the tattoos.