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Nov 2012

I'm a senior editor for a major reference publisher in Italy, where I've been working since finishing a doctorate at Oxford University. I've recently self-published three novels and am busy working on the third installment of a series of contemporary crime novels set in northern Italy.

My interests range from crime fiction in general, especially well-written fiction such as Ian Rankin, Michael Dibdin or Kate Atkinson, to more literary works. I'm also a keen reader of current affairs, economics and popular science, all of which influence my writing to some degree.

The Mina Balestra novels are set in contemporary Imola, are all based in real-life locations and intend to give a feel for the richness and contradictions of contemporary Italy, by following the uncovering of the world of political corruption and ambition from the point of view of a young and vaguely idealistic Commissario and her small team of investigators. In that way I hope to give an outline of the complexity and risks taken by anyone wishing to combat corruption in Italy, from judges to smalltown journalists or minor customs officers.

Upcoming Works

The third installment of the Mina Balestra series, provisionally entitled When the Poison Stains these Shores, will be available soon.

The first novel, Servants of Two Masters and The Second State, are both available now for Kindle for $0.99.

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Interests & Hobbies

Music: I play a number of instruments, have played in bands since I was a teenager and have written and recorded far too many songs than is good for me. In the late 1990s I played with a band called Cody who had a modicum of success in London indie circles and recorded a few CDs on the cult Shinkansen label.