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Something I have lost!

I recieved the E-mail from the Editor to blog about the subject of "Something I have Lost" It took only a moment looking back to remember the time a number of years ago that I lost an expensive wrist watch. I was travelling from Chicago to New Orleans in my new Thunderbird. I was 10 foot tall and bullet proof! I was returning from overseas and really looking forward to partying in the "Big Easy". Well somewhere along the way, either in a motel or restaurant or gas station I lost my brand new, ordered through the "Playboy Advisor",  "LeJour Jurvac" monobloc wristwatch. I was absolutely beside myself! For days I raged and recriminated! Mostly that I could be stupid enough to let that happen! Then it dawned on me that it was only a material item and that I was killing too many brain cells worrying over a $500 French wristwatch. So I unpacked my Bulova Diamond Dial, put it on and went out to the Peppermint Lounge on Veterans Highway in NOLA and thought about other things!!! Jacamo

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Something I have lost

I have lost my dad last week...yes and I have such regrets...I wasn't soft and warm with him on his death' bed...He sufferred a lot ,He was ill from prostrate cancer and heart ...I was so tough with him,poor dad...He lived like a saint in poverty,though he had a good pension,being retired army high officer...
He was a dreamer and a desperate man...Desperate to love us,desperate because one serious mental illness which touched him beginning with his youth age...Sad story isn't it?His relatives,including us ,didn't value him propely...Sad ...He was desperate to die ...maybe he had sins,but nobody is perfect...He was my beloved dad and I was tough with him,all that I know now ...
I payed some prayers to our medieval orthodox christian monastery...We keep his notebooks,his algebra and fisics,one cloth ,his watch and his photo camera..Things we will gift for his soul..
He was such special man!He was an extraordinary father who made us lots of gifts,who gave me his all his last money...Who made sacrifaces for us,who brought me food from countryside to my apartment,who visited me a lot,who cared me a lot,who was protective like nobody else...
Poor dad he couldnt see me married because one day soon I will marry,I am sure of this...Unfortunately my mother is paralysed now,she can't move hers left part of hers body anymore..I'm taking care of her...Sad story in our family,isn't it?
May God rest him in peace!
Good bye dad!