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Recieving hits on your blog posts and such!



I find myself very amused by my continued checking of various sites (including this one) to see how many hits on my blogs and other things. And how it can either be very pleasing or a bit down heartening, For instance three days ago I had a spike here on Red Room where the hits jumped up two hundred and the then fell for the next two days down to ten or so. Amazing that you find yourself then scheming mentally on how to get them back up, I mean after all aren't they a measure of your personal success and popularity amongst the tennis and golf set? My God!! What shall I do!!    Really Dude !! as if this sort of thing is going to change your lifestyle or something. So I thought-Get over yourself!  Have a coffee and a smoke (e-cigarette) Lean back and think about finishing your next book. You survived three tours in Vietnam for Christ's sake! Life ain't bad at all! And the only thing that the dead know-is, that it better to be alive!

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What The Dead Forget

Our preoccupation with stats and graphs, with fame and fortune, is pointless, isn't it?  And, given that none of it matters, this preoccupation makes us the dead's laughing stock. Sadly, they do not know we're deaf to their counsel.

What The Dead Forget


The dead look down

shake their heads in disbelief:

we have not yet deduced

already we’re among them.


The dead, having given up

—willingly or not—their flesh

knowing what they know

look down on us, pity

our pointless clinging.


For our part, breathing

and fucking is everything;

but the dead know different.


The dead call out to set us

straight.  The dead do not

recall that we, ears filled

with breath and sex,

no longer hear their cries.

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Recieving hits on blog posts and such.

 Absolutely so, carnal pleasures and treasure! One day perhaps we will stop living by the "Peter Principle" (both contexts). There is far more to life on this earth.

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