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Kindred Spirit Cover
Popular television reporter Hallie Moore seems to have it all. She's young, single, attractive, and her signature "best of" segments —Hallie's Comets— seem primed to send her career sky-high. Yet Hallie is haunted by the unsolved rape and murder of her identical twin, Heather. On the first anniversary of the brutal crime, Hallie visits her sister's memorial...
After destroying Elizabeth Wither, the leader of a murderous coven of witches, Wendy Ward thought the ancient evil was defeated. She was wrong. Wither cursed Wendy and now the young Wiccan must use her supernatural gifts to defeat a seven-foot-tall monster with razor-sharp teeth and a taste for human flesh.
WITHER, paperback
Late in the Seventeenth Century, a coven of witches terrorized the small New England town of Windale. Three hundred years later the evil force has reawakened to begin a new cycle. Now Wendy Ward, a college freshman and practicing white witch, Karen Glazer, a pregnant professor and Abby MacNeil, an abused eight-year-old girl must find a way to survive the reborn coven and...
When the ancient, demonic entity once known as Elizabeth Wither finds a human host, a new reign of terror begins in the town of Windale, Massachusetts. Now Wendy Ward, a college student with a gift for white magic, stands alone against the evil of Wither's rain.