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There is nothing more satisfying to me than to be in the mountains, swimming in fresh river water cooked by the warm lick of the sun above. Nothing makes me feel as tranquil as a hike through forests of giant Redwood trees towering as high as a skyscrapper and making you feel as tiny as an ant. In...
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From the moment we're born, each of us is thrust into a conflict that's existed for the entirety of human civilization. Depending on our circumstance, the place where we grew up, our social status, our race, gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual inclination, each of us have, or inevitably will,...
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Hello everyone out there in the Red Room community! So, I found this site while searching the Interweb for social networking communities geared for writers. I love to write, always have, but I find it difficult to network with other writers in a mutually effective manner. That's why I'm here. From...
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