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Behind the Redwood Curtain
Aug 2009

Well, let’s see. John graduated with a journalism degree from Humboldt State University (hold the marijuana jokes, please) and after a rather nasty real-life experience with the industry — the kind where you get laid-off — he realized maybe he should go back to his roots. He’s been writing fiction for close to ten years, has had work published in the Humboldt State Toyon, Sierra Journal, and 365Tomorrows.com. Then he decided to start a website for reader-driven fiction called urFICTION.com. Between that, the occasional freelance assignment, and a plethora of half-finished manuscripts, he stays fairly busy.


Minimalists, dystopian literature, every day life, political and social issues, history

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Flash Fiction, Short Stories, Biking, Camping, Being Outdoors, Politics, Painting, Cooking, Strategy Games, Music, Time Travel, Reading