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By June 2, 2011 I completed the last of my Biaxin that I was prescribed for the flu. I haven’t used my Ventolin puffer since I first tried the mouthwash.

The mouthwash works as well as I said it does but it does require you to maintain yourself to allow your tissues to heal.

This is how I believe the mouthwash works:

The inside of our noses, mouths, throats, esophagus, trachea, nasopharynx, oropharynx, larygopharynx and all the way to the bronchials is coated with a layer of mucosal cells that exude mucus – a clear fluid that forms a barrier between us and the harshness of the air and everything that’s in it.

Asthma is the result of continual chemical burns caused by corrosive chemicals in the atmosphere – particularly Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are emissions generated by chemicals used to make nearly every product in use in the modern world. There are very few things in our lives now that are not actively emitting gases whose chemical directive is to end your life.

The main family of these chemicals is known as benzene. There is no known safe level of benzene. It is considered highly dangerous in any amount. Yet it’s used in practically everything including all fuels except natural gas (natural gas has its own bouquet of deadly chemicals – do not make the mistake of thinking natural gas is anything but a deadly poison), plastics of every description, coatings, paints, clothing, furniture, packaging, flooring, ceiling tiles, fabrics except for 100% cotton, silk, hemp and wool.

There is nothing about a car, truck or other means of transportation that is not a horse that isn’t toxic.  

What these chemicals do is corrode and attempt to transform what they touch into a chemical solution – a puddle in other words. That is the main aim of your underwear for instance.

Fortunately for most of us, we don’t notice the chemical assaults that occur with our every breath. Our mucus insulates us against it.

But when we get sick and get a cold that develops into a sore throat, we cough. If we cough hard enough and long enough, the force of the air being exhaled tears the mucosal layer and exposes the very sensitive, nerve packed skin tissue immediately below the mucosal layer. You end up with a raw throat.

One sore throat in your life is not going to cause endless suffering. But if you happen to be, for whatever reason, a person who continually gets colds that evolve into sore throats, over time, you are going to develop lesions in your mucosal layer at the back of your throat. Each time it happens, the mucosal layer grows back more imperfectly than it did the last time. Each time it happens, the mucosal layer and the tissues below it suffer chemical burns that become super sensitive to stress.

The stress we’re talking about is not just nerve stress as  in anxiety, but also stress the way a carpet is stressed when you put a coffee table on it and leave it there for months. When you move the coffee table the carpet fibers are bent and flattened out. They look like they’ll never stand up and be carpet again.  

But then you get a couple of ice cubes and let them soften up the carpet fibres and before long, the carpet pile is back to its former self. Of course it isn’t as strong as it was before it was damaged but it is capable of being a carpet again.

That is how the mouthwash appears to work. It stimulates the mucosal layers to snap to attention and begin secreting mucus again. It worked instantly on me.

That is not to say that one shot of mouthwash was a permanent cure. It wasn’t. I still had to resort to inhaling the mouthwash initially once every two hours or as I felt the need. Over a period of days, I’ve reduced the use to once in the morning and again before I go to bed for the night.

What I find is that the mouthwash loosens up the phlegm and I can cough it up and spit it out. That may partly be the Biaxin still in my system. Too early to tell.  

But the thing is; I haven’t used my puffer at all.

So how do you get your hands on this stuff?

You have to go to your dentist and have him or her order it for you. There is no other way.

This is the name of the company:


1000 Holland Drive, Suite 7   

Boca Raton, FL 33487

1-800-747- 4372

The company itself does not seem in the least interested in marketing their product as anything other than a mouthwash, toothpaste and gum irrigant. I’ve tried to get them interested in marketing their products intelligently but as you’ve read previously, that was a waste of time.

The good thing is this: the toothpaste is better than any toothpaste sold retail – period. It works as stated on the tube. It is grey and looks like lava. If you haven’t cleaned your toothbrush properly after brushing, your toothbrush will turn grey. It’s a great incentive to maintain not just a healthy mouth but a healthy brush as well.

The mouthwash used as directed will cause your receding gums to grow back if you can bring yourself to stop consuming the foods that cause gum recession – dairy, flour, sugar, red meat and excess alcohol. For it to work, you have to take the process very seriously or save your money and count on saving your teeth in your coffee mug.

The  Under the Gum Irrigant is the concentrate you hand mix into the mouthwash and it’s the concentrate you want.

On your first order you’ll want to order three tubes of toothpaste, one bottle of mouthwash and one small bottle of Under The Gum irrigant concentrate.

You need the one bottle of mouthwash in order to be able to mix up the proper amount of mouthwash and have somewhere to put it. You’ll also get a small white, plastic measuring cup that you use to apportion your individual mouth rinses.

You’ll also need a vaporizer to put the mouth wash in. I have a small one and one of the small white caps of mouthwash is all that goes into it each time.

If you have trouble with your teeth, gums or asthma, these products can make a huge, positive difference in your life.

You have to devote yourself to following a regimen of dental cleanliness for it to work properly. If  you do, you’ll be rewarded.

Cost is very reasonable. A bottle of the concentrate is $28.00. The toothpaste is $13.00 per tube. I can’t remember what the mouthwash was since I didn’t need the bottle.

I’m telling you the price because right now Canadian and US money is at or close to par. As well there will be some dentists who will not be averse to a little friendly gouging. Obviously they have to be paid for performing a service but I believe in fairness in all things.

I was hoping the Dental Herb Company would be interested in working with me and advertising on a new website I’m planning to launch but that appears to be wishful thinking.

Regardless, this company sells a unique product that deserves your attention. If you know someone who suffers from asthma, do them a favour and link them up. No reason for them to suffer a minute longer.

Obviously, I’m just one person and no testing has been done at all. This is all my sayso and thus you proceed at your own risk. However, since the product has been tested and found safe as a mouthwash and since people do swallow and inhale it without incident, my position is that if it works for me, it should work for others. The worst I believe could happen is that you end up with healthier teeth and gums. Not a bad deal.