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What Vanishes contains four sections: poems of place and displacement set in such far-flung locales as Budapest, Berkeley, Vancouver, Point Pleasant, and the skies above Australia along with Dublin, Ballybunion, Dingle, and Drumcliffe; poems of love and loss, engagement, alienation, and endurance; poems focused on music and musicians, from blues to bluegrass to punk to jazz; and...
Salmon: A Journey in Poetry
Salmon: A Journey in Poetry 1981-2007 celebrates 26 years of innovative and exciting Irish and international poetry. The organization of the volume is simple: two poems from the poet’s Salmon collection (or collections) and one uncollected poem. Detailed biographical notes for each poet, and a complete bilbiography of Salmon's publications, are also included. Three of my poems...
As the rainy season approaches, an L.A. couple’s casual chat about the weather leads them across minefields of language, desire, and discontent to a place apart.
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She Alone, a book-length poetic sequence, traces the life of an imaginary woman from birth to death and beyond, employing a wide range of forms from free verse to heroic couplets and a broad array of poetic devices, all designed to capture the changing moods and circumstances of this enigmatic, nameless woman and her lifelong struggle to find fulfillment, connection, and a stable...
All the Money in the World cover
In an array of approaches as varied as its subject matter, All the Money in the World explores love, loss, music, mystery, tensions, terrors, ecstasies, and endings.   By turns lyrical, abstract, anguished, celebratory, humorous and reflective, these poems move between a nuanced appreciation of how things are and an intense longing for how they might be.