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Heroes Do they really exist? Yes they do! In the mind of everyone lies a hero, a wannabe of almost every person in this world. Just given a chance, the hero comes along. Surprisingly, a fantasy maybe, but the fact is that humans have this in their mind as a memory they can not devise why or where it came from. But still, it is there waiting for a chance to enter anyone’s reality. I could be demagogic about this of heroes, and say that heroes are the ordinary citizen like you and me that have to withstand to who knows whose terrorists attacks. To watch the best paid executives in the world melt down the economy leaving the world on its knees while we the people representatives rescue them with our money. You everyday hero that see the nowadays so visible worsening conditions for life in the big cities with no elected one coming to help. These are the heroes I could say, but not really. Hidden inside everyone’s mind is the mythology of the hero. This forgotten perfection of mankind and its unknown origin, not the rapidly claimed that Darwin was right every near standing up ape skeleton they find. But he wasn’t right at all, and never will as the bridge ape to man never existed else the hero, this mystic memory of our selves wouldn’t be there showing us our glorious ancestry of perfection, instead was the case our hero would say, be something alike King Kong.