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The Flight of the Dodo

The Dodo lived a quiet life

upon an emerald isle,

as he knew no enemy,

he passed the time in style.


For breakfast he would 

turn a stone,

with his substantial beak,

and feast upon some centipedes

until he reached his peak.


His appetites were truly vast,

as he roamed the island round,

for every living thing was food,

that slithered on the ground.


The Dodo has real gumption

for conspicuous consumption.


One day a bee with shining wings,

paused on a rock to rest,

to clean itself of Nectar

that glistened on its chest.


The hungry Dodo caught a flash

of wing and compound eye,

and slowly ambled up to him, 

a nice morsel did he spy?


But just as he was nearing

the object of desire,

the little bee unfurled its wings,

and flew into the air.


It was a real suprise to see

an airborne appetizer.


The Dodo, puzzled and perplexed

at this most amazing feat,

wondered how the food in view,

missed entering his beak.


In search of vital answers

to this gastronomic quest,

he lumbered to a precipice,

sad weight upon his breast.


The vast expanse of air and sea

proved hard to rest his eyes on,

between sky above and rocks below,

he lost sight of the horizon.


He tumbled headlong into space

towards a certain death,

"So this is flight!" the Dodo cried,

as he uttered his last breath.