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" Wall Street's One Hundred Men "


One hundred men //  
Of Wall Street //
Control a trillion dollars. //

They didn’t dig the well, //
But they surely drink its waters. //

Citizen soldiers, //
Few of them //
Have ever been. //

Our great grandfathers //
Fought for nationhood //
In the civil war, //
Not for economic win. //

Your Elephant Party //
Cuts your taxes, //
Making others pay for war. //

Your lobbyists, //
Saddle Uncle Sam with debt //
Still, you juggle and shake //
The piggy bank for more. //

Your daughters marry well, //
Sons, have the best deal around //
Their hands are soft and clean //
And the banners of Ivy League, abound. //

Americans believe their patriots //
Rejoice for fair shake, fair play, //
But they run hungry on empty //
When you take most all the pie away. //

So think about these issues, sir //
When the money bell rings //
At the close of your day, //

For we all love //
A strong America //
And Lady Liberty’s bills  //
Are running high, //
But parity and ability to pay //
Should be, the Yankee Doodle way. //

Your cards and candies //
Sent to Congress //
Have given you full sway. //
You have great influence - //
The rules are written your way. //

You know whom to call //
And what to say, //
But sir, it is a point of honor //
To raise and to tell, //

That the Robber Barons //
Of the Roaring Eighties //
Who cleaned the cupboard bare, //
Learned that government //
Is not theirs to sell, //

And discovered //
That wealth without ethics, //
Is not a Bull //
Nor a Bear, //

And good citizenship //
Is not freedom without a care //

For the Little Man, //
Once, your father’s neighbor, //
Is now, not anywhere, //

And yet his son //
Is over there //
To save your oil, //

While you labor away //
In silk shirts //
And soft shoes, //
Makin’ a million bucks, //

The poor man //
Sings the blues, //
The soldier, //
Has much to lose. //

And certainly, you say //
It was his to choose. //

Wake up, Mister //
And lend a hand! //

You’re kicking our dreams, //
Down the street, //
Like an old tin can.