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Walking Thirsty Walking Long - The Poem ~ Presented by: John Jay Anthony Licata ~ Wordsman ~ Scribesman ~ Penman ~ and, Makar ~

On the day / 

She walked out /   

Of the high desert, 

Stumbling out and away / 

From parched and arid moorings /

And marched for a fortnight

To the music of freedom,


It was a mere shard of a millisecond

That like a juggernauted epiphany,

The revelation of having said,

To this place: "We are no more!"


Came as stunningly

As her Phoenixed wings lifted her,

Up drafted and out and over the desert


And into the oasis of her heart's delight, 

For the Camelot tree of her dreams

Bore real fruit


And what had been

The desert prison of her soul,

Became the verdant, rolling hills and meadows

Of all her flowered tomorrows...