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Dec 2012

John Hospodka is Bohemian Pupil Press (www.bohemianpupil.com). He is publisher of the online monthly Dead Flowers: A Poetry Rag (an "experiment" in the curating of poetry that supposes there is no careerism in the underground, guest edited by intelligent readers who are indifferent to poetry and/or the poetry world), and is responsible for the cult video “Dog Speak: Homage to an American Poet.”

 A lifetime Chicagoan, John Hospodka was born in 1966 and is a 1988 graduate of Ohio WesleyanUniversity. He lives in Bridgeport, Chicago, with his wife Victoria and a rescued Lab mix named Jimmy Boo.


I understand the fact that the intellect and the imagination play essential roles in one's appreciation of literature. But let's face it; the imagination consistently proves itself as being the more responsible witness, the more just and intuitive jury, the less televised courtroom. The imagination acknowledges that the human spirit is the unending catharsis of literature - the imagination has long since made the human spirit its main subject of expression, and vice versa. Contrarily, the intellect is more inclined to be politicized - the intellect remains too controlled by the various forces of social trends to ever comprehend and elucidate the human spirit with the appropriate amount of respect. ... Between the intellect and the imagination, I vote for irreverence. ~J.H.

Upcoming Works

South Side Trilogy: A Literary Picture Show has just been released.

Suggesting to be a new mode of literary experience, at this time the Literary Picture Show can only be engaged via iBooks (iPad).

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