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"How to Build a Computer (For Beginners)" by John Gower III, "How to Spot Scams Online" by John Gower III,

Favorite Authors

Stephen King,


Ever since the birth of computers people all around the world have wanted to get their hands on the knowledge. People spend a lot of money in colleges to get a degree with computers. However, there are people out there that do not have that opportunity.

Imagine that you do not need a degree or have to take classes to build a computer from scratch. You can learn about it as simply as reading a book and enjoying yourself.

This book provides all the details that will give you that knowledge on how to build a computer.

I am a published author trying to reach readers around the world with my new book called, “How to build a Computer (For Beginners)”. John Gower III is the author, and creator of this book. Visit his website at http://www.jghitech.com for more information about him.