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I was interviewed yesterday by Nevin Martell, he is an established author in DC (formerly lived in New York), and writes articles for Washington City Paper's online mag.  I first got to know him by becoming ENEMIES.  He wrote an attacking diatribe on the WCP and his blog, criticizing my approach in obtaining reviews for my book.  The article was called "Sucky Practice Alert".

When I first encountered that article, I imagined being a vampire myself and draining the life force completely out of him.  However, he hit me up for an interview (surprisingly).  I wanted to tell him to drop dead, but instead I refused his offer politely.  Friends of mine, and another journalist, told me that I should do the interview, for it can only help me set the record straight with him.  So I called him up and set up the time and place for the interview.

We met up at Barnes & Noble on 12th and E street in downtown DC.  I was a bit anxious...nervous about the types of questions he would ask.  I'll briefly describe our interview, but in a nutshell, it was like two cool guys getting to know each other.

Nevin wanted to know more about me, not really the book itself.  He seemed interested in the whole "what's this guy about" aspect.  I set the record straight and told him that I don't have a publishing contract and public relations person helping me, and that I have to find creative ways in getting people to read my book.  The thing is, even though paying for reviews is frowned upon, it worked in my ultimate goal: GETTING PEOPLE TO READ MY BOOK.  Also, it did land me this interview as well as another one....so how can I (or anyone) hate on my unconventional attempts??

It was cool talking to him.  He told me about his interview with Muse in a helicopter above Manhattan.  Muse is one of my favorite bands.  He had a lot of insight on publishing and marketing novels.  There was a lot of legwork he put into his own published works, and he knew difficulties, shortcuts, and strategies in getting my book's name out there.  He even gave me some pointers on improvement with my marketing efforts and website.  

Keep in mind, he hasn't posted his follow-up article on me yet, so I can't say that our "beef" has completely ended.  But, I can say that he is a cool and professional kat, and wouldn't mind working with him in the future.  I'm pretty thick-skinned, so people can talk trash about me all they want.  

So no, I don't plan on draining his life force.  If anything, I wouldn't mind grabbing a beer with the guy.