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John Erwin Doerper's Books

Washington rain forest.
A comprehensive guide to a state that is difficult to comprehend -- with the Pacific Ocean and a temperate rain forest in the west, and dry sagebrush steppes in the east, and with tall snow-capped peaks, large rivers, lakes, and an active volcano in between. Plus bustling cities, with world-class museums and theaters. Read about the sheltered saltwater inlets which make for great...
Coastal California
A fairly comprehensive guide book to the California Coast, covering such topics as history, landscape, people, communities, and wildlife, based on more than forty years of travel and insights. Side trips take the reader to hidden beaches, lonely shores, prime wineries, uncommon restaurants, and more.
Eating Well: A Guide to Foods of the Pacific Northwest.
A guide to the foods of the coastal Pacific Northwest during a period in my life when my economic outlook was somewhat subdued and when my wive and I ate well because of friends who introduced as to -- and often supplied us with -- local foods from the bay, from the foothills and the Cascade Mountains, and from their gardens. This book has long been out of print (though it is...
Oregon Wine Country, Second Revised Edition, cover.
An extensive tour of Oregon vineyards and wineries and visits to wine country villages and towns.