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No Slugs On My Hostas

 Stale coffee and grounds

Daub tender leaves and culms;

No slugs come to dine. 



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Thanks for the tip, JED. You're not a copper and beer man, then?

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Copper and beer

I once had the sluggiest garden in the neighborhood. I panicked when I saw slugs climb trees and lower themselves rather quickly on threads of slime. They ate leaves, blossoms, fruit and even tender bark. I stalked them, stomped them, slashed them, sprayed them with ammonia, and sprinkled them with salt.

It worked, one slug at a time, but its friends and relatives continued invading my garden in seemingly increasing numbers. I tried copper, beer, and slug bait to no avail.

Three years ago, a friend recommended stale coffee and coffee grounds. I was dubious at first but I began to sprinkle the daily drip and grind on the plants and on the may slime trails crossing the pathways.

In a few weeks, the slug population was way down; in a couple of months, most slugs were gone. Very few came back the next spring and the next. This year, I found less than half a dozen in places where hundreds once congregated.

As a bonus, the coffee perks up the plants (I suspect they love the acid).