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Another Solid Samoan Crime Story
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A. Ross

This second book in the "Jungle Beat" series returns to American Samoa for another crime story featuring Detective Sergeant Apelu, formerly of the San Francisco PD, now returned home. As in the first book, a fairly routine call at the beginning of the book ends with Apelu taking gunfire, setting the wheels of the story in motion. And the story shares some general similarities to Pago Pago Tango, as it features smuggling, foreigners, and several ladies who are interested in the married with kids Apelu. Again, the story is not particularly complicated, as far as mysteries go, and real fun comes from exploring the culture of modern American Samoa as it struggles to reconcile traditional systems and structures with the influences of the modern world. The territory's odd legal status is explained a bit further in this installment, as is its relationship to Western Samoa. On the whole it's another fun read for those who enjoy exotic settings.