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Look Me in the Eye
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Lynn Soyra
Psychology Today

Since learning about Asperger's, I have read just about every personal account I can find with regard to Asperger's. While I found all of them interesting, I can't think of one that I would have called warm or engaging - until I read John Elder Robison's memoir Look Me In The Eye: My Life With Asperger's. . . The older brother of bestselling author Augusten Burroughs (Running with Scissors, A Wolf At The Table), Mr. Robison tells a story that is at once heartbreaking, inspiring and funny. . . Look Me In The Eye is a highly entertaining, crazy ride through a life that has led him from being an isolated physically abused young man, to a engineer developing trick guitars and special effects for KISS, to a corporate gig developing electronic toys for Milton Bradley, to executive positions at corporations such as Simplex Gardner, to his current occupation - entrepreneur (JE Robison Service). Mr. Robison's life is a testament to the fact that a life with Asperger's can be as rich as anyone else's - despite the challenges.