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A few weeks ago, Dianna Heitz of Northwestern University's Medill School drove up to film me for a story on Asperger's. She's got a brother on the spectrum, so she had a personal stake in the story, and she did a really nice job. It's called The Challenge and Opportunity of Autism http://news....
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This weekend I returned to Houston for a special engagement. The Monarch School, a place I’ve written about before, decided to give me an honorary high school diploma. There were ten kids in the graduating class, and me. In this shot, we're all lining up for the official photo: Here I am, with the...
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In my brother’s new book, A Wolf at the Table, there’s a scene where we have a family fight, and my brother runs into my room. He grabs my gun, hands it to me, and says, “Kill him!” When a reporter asked me about that scene, I said: It wasn’t as big a deal to me as it was to my brother. I’m eight...
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On more than one occasion, I’ve had people ask me, “If you could take a pill and get rid of your Asperger’s, would you do it?” I’ve always said, “No! I’m proud to be Aspergian and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” Asperger’s is an essential part of who I am. In fact, its how my brain is wired. My...
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The questions below came from a teenager with Asperger’s at Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative. She gave me a paper with these questions after I spoke to the students this past Monday. The questions were interesting enough that I decided to share them here: Did you teach yourself social...
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As we kick off national autism awareness month, I'm out doing my part. I wrote a short essay for CNN's I Report that you can read here: http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-7427 I'm out there talking about autism, Asperger's, neurological differences, and making it in the world. I've got a bunch of...
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Every now and then at my speaking engagements, I get a literary question. Today’s question was, “What is the role of the editor in publishing a book?” To answer that question, I will tell you the edited and abridged story of editors, me, and Look Me in the Eye. In January of 2007, I had a...
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Me, on the Internet: Here's "http://jerobison.blogspot.com my regular Google blog Here's "http://www.johnrobison.com"my Official Author website Here's "http://www.robisonservice.com"my car business Here "http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613104546" I am on...
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I’ve been thinking about the Public Television show Banished, since I saw it two days ago. For those who didn’t see it, the show is about some modern day black people whose ancestors were victims of mob violence in the early twentieth century. The ancestors of the folks on the show were run out of...
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I bought my first house in 1979, to celebrate the end of the KISS Dynasty tour, and my getting a real job. I lived in that house for over 16 years through several changes of career, acquisition of a wife, creation of a kid, and all manner of ups and downs. When I got divorced and moved, I left many...
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Fishing boat, Boston harbor, January 2008
People here may know me for my books, but I also have a site that showcases some of my photos.  It's here:  http://www.pbase.com/robisonphoto
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When Nikon introduced the D3 and D300 cameras last November I got one of each. The D2xs and D200 cameras I’d been using were now surplus. I’ve gone through this cycle quite a few times as Nikon has introduced new models. First there was the D1, then the D1x, the D2h, the D2x, the D200, and then the...
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Have you ever sought out the services of a psychiatrist? If so, what were they like? If your experience was like the one my brother described in Running With Scissors, your shrink was a freak in a Santa suit with a goodie bag of pills. But if it was like my modern-day experience, your shrink was...
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