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It's time for some news, and some new websites
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First, I'd like to thank all of you who helped make Look Me in the Eye one the top selling books of the year, for the second year in a row (Publisher's Weekly 2008 Bestsellers issue)  sales are still pretty strong, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for three years in a row . . .  

Since the collapse of the economy last September, I’ve been spending a lot more time at Robison Service, my automobile business. Over the past two years, I’ve used my blog to offer my thoughts on life as a free range Aspergian and whatever else comes to mind.   When RedRoom came along, I posted more thoughts there.  As a result, I’ve seen my blogging develop into something that provides real value to a few people and entertainment to a few more, while making a spectacle of myself the whole time.

So now the world knows me as an Aspergian, but I'm really more than that. Cars came first, starting at age three, as I became windshield wipers whenever my parents took me riding in the rain. I’ve written about cars for a long time; longer than I’ve written about how we think and life with Asperger’s. Is it time to expand that writing ??

As I sit in my little cubicle, whiling away the days, I ponder the meaning of life, meat snacks, and fine machines. I’m hoping I can accomplish something worthwhile by penning some useful thoughts, a few entertaining stories, and the occasional pictures of and about cars and machines. I’ve set up a new blog to do that. It’s called The Robison Service Blog, and it’s now online at http://robisonservice.blogspot.com/

I hope you’ll stop by and leave a comment or two to get things going. I have some stories and pictures, and I’m open to any suggestions you may have for content. So this is your chance . . . tell me what you want by way of machine stories . . . and maybe I will write them.


At the same time, I have expanded my Facebook presence with a Robison Service page there, too. You can find it through this link. If you become a fan you’ll get notices when I add new stuff, like events and photo galleries. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/1WlfPo

At the same time, you might also become a fan of the John Elder Robison author page, where I send notices of readings and talks, and other fun stuff. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/DpQsa

I’m embarrassed to suggest that anyone sign up as a “fan” because I don't see you as fans. To me, you are all online friends and part of a large community but that’s Facebook’s term, not mine. Whatever you call it, they provided that mechanism to send stuff along and we might as well give it some use.

And that’s not all. Last Sunday, I got set up on Twitter too. You can follow me (as an author or whatever you call me) at @johnrobison and you can follow Robison Service at @robisonservice
This electronic stuff if really taking over, isn’t it?

I’m going to retreat to the 1930s now, to continue work on my forthcoming book on Indian Motocycles. I’ve got a bunch of borrowed research material and I’ve got to hand it back for more next Monday.

Look on my John Elder Robison FB page if you're curious about Indians . . . I posted some shots of the museum we're building to showcase Indian heritage here in Springfield.