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Authors at Google and me

People online ask me about the kind of questions I'm asked at my speaking engagements. A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to speak to Google through their video conference network, and they've made a full 1-hour talk and q&a available on authors @ Google.

In this video you can see and hear the whole thing including questions from Aspergians, geeks, teachers, parents, mental health people, and others (whatever other may be.)


Thanks to all the folks at Google's Boulder offices for putting this together.

While we're on the subject of Google . . . I am working with a product called Sketchup that allows people to create 3-D shapes and manipulate them. I will have a separate story on that soon.

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Your Video

Hi John,

I hope you don't mind, but I very much enjoyed your video so I went ahead and added it to your Red Room page, and changed the link in your blog. You can also see it here. Thanks for posting about it!

-Max Sindell, Author Liaison & Community Coordinator, Red Room

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Thanks for doing that. Woof!

Thanks for doing that.