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Asperger’s, Autism, and Mass Murder

Whenever something horrible happens the public and the media look for answers . . . factoids to explain what may be truly inexplicable.   Whatever information can be discovered is tossed out into public view in the hope that somehow a bunch of discrete facts and data points will somehow provide the answers everyone is seeking.

This happens whether the event is a catastrophic fire, a plane crash, or a mass killing.  Thanks to the Internet, people all over the world speculate about what happened and why, often in the absence of any firsthand information.  The result: a rush to judgment, and all too often - innocent people harmed.

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My nephew has Asperger's and

My nephew has Asperger's and he makes great mojitos!  He babbles a lot, sometimes looks funny but certainly not scary enough to harm a fly!  What in heaven's name does Asperger's have to do with the Newton tragedy?!?  I support all children and adults with special needs.  :-)