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More Reasons to Celebrate!
Jim survived 9/11, but his life didn't. Follow one survivor's journey as he fights through post-traumatic stress to rediscover what once made life worth living.

Don't blink or you will miss it, folks!

Shortly after noon today, it will be 12:34:56 7/8/9.

As one person online wrote, "This only happens once in history!"

Which is absolutely true...if history was only one hundred years long. In fact, it will actually happen 24 times today as it happens in each time zone (40 if you count the incremental non-standard time zones around the world), but that's really just a technicality.

Now, if I were you, and I'm not (except when I'm reading this blog, at which point I AM you, but that's not important right now), I would start preparing at lunch time. Make sure you have a good, comfortable seat, something to snack on, maybe some wine or a beer, and get two pieces of cardboard, one with a hole punched in it.

Then, watch closely, because at EXACTLY 12:34:56 7/8/9, I am willing to bet that absolutely NOTHING will happen.

Pretty cool, huh?

DISCLAIMER: Should the world end or should some other fairly large event like that occur at 12:34:56 7/8/9, the shred of doubt that still exists to my ability to CAUSE events to occur simply by my betting against them will be erased.

Now, if you miss it, don't go crazy. We have planned a series of encores for you, but you'll just have to wait for them. For instance, in 2012, we will see the 02:04:06 08/10/12 phenomenon. And in 2054, we have the 03:14:15 9/26/54 phenomenon (okay, if you knew that was the value of Pi, you're a dork - at least I had to look it up!).

You did, however, miss the 08:06:07 5/3/09.

Yes, I just reached all the way back to 1982 for a joke. Geez, cut me some slack.

If you still haven't gotten it, that's Jenny's number from the song by Tommy Tutone. Seriously, some days it's like pulling teeth with you guys.

Anyway, I just felt it was important to get this out to you so you didn't miss the festivities. People around the world will be gathering to celebrate this. There will be fireworks displays, live entertainment, and parades.

Granted, they will all be very, very short. Which is good because you don't have to take a lot of time out of your work day.

So, I'm off to get ready. We now return you to your regularly scheduled angry blog, which I'm sure will cover such heated topics as President Obama's stand on Honduras and a SECOND stimulus package (3rd if you count Bush's).

Enjoy 12:34:56 7/8/9 Day!

J.E. Braun is the author of Paranoia, a 9/11 survivor's tale. 10% of profits from sales of Paranoia will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund (www.ttof.org). For more information, visit www.jebraun.com.

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I missed it must have been

I missed it must have been looking at my credit card bill-the numbers look familiar!

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very funny!  Sorry about the bill, though. lol

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It seems we got the same

It seems we got the same blast e-mail message from a friend.

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And after that it was all over the place..