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Come On Guys, Could You Vague This Up a Little For Us? - The NJ Governor's Race
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It was just a few days ago when I said I regretted never learning how to play piano, and now I find myself online finding sites that will help me learn piano chords, how to improvise without sheet music, and how to properly flip your tuxedo tails before sitting on the bench. The last is trickier than it seems. Piano chords got nothing on tuxedo tails ettiquette.

The point is, I've taken steps to eliminate that regret - as I hope maybe some of you did after reading my blog, because I know how inspiring I can be. I mean, it's amazing just how humble I can remain despite my overwhelming aura of awesome, isn't it?

Yeah. Well, anyway, taking action is pretty important when you want to get something done, which is why, in his attempt to rebuild his image and gain re-election, NJ's current governor, Jon Corzine, has decided to do....nothing. That's right, despite the fact that many New Jerseyans think he has done nothing but loot our state over the past four years, Corzine has decided that the best tactic is to claim he's saved us economically (despite a 20% increase in people living in poverty, a 20% increase in those who can't even pay their utility bills, an unemployment rate at 9.7%, increase in property taxes every year of his term despite his increase in our sales tax that was supposed to offer property relief - oh, and on top of that, he ended our property tax rebate program). That's all he's got. It is now public that he has refused to appear in debates on NJ101.5 - the state's largest media outlet as well as the debate presented by the League of Women Voters which has become the tradition for candidates seeking high public office in our state.

None of that matters to Corzine because he's running on his own money and, since he's not accepting public funds, is not required to participate in any debates. Good for him. I mean, seriously, we wouldn't want him to have to get up there and answer questions, would we? We wouldn't want the NJ voter to have a sense of how Corzine defends what he's done or what he plans to do to get us out of our current economic mess, would we? No. Instead, we'd rather he hide in Drumthwackit (yes, that is the name of the Governor's mansion) and push a campaign about how, despite his track record of destroying our state, he's still not George W. Bush.

Great plan.

Maybe it's just that living with his multi-billion dollar bank account, he doesn't realize there's a problem. In fact, he's so flippant about the economy that he told New Jerseyans that if they want a really low unemployment rate, they should move to North Dakota. Nice one, Jon. Maybe that can be our state's next publicity campaign!

The Governor's campaign has been of NO substance to this point, on either side really. The moment it began, Corzine came out with ads attacking Republican candidate Chris Christie - ads which were largely proved false. Christie attacked back.

And that's all it's been. No discussion of the issues. Corzine just won't talk about them, but his track record tells a lot. Christie says what he plans to do, but refuses any details. The independents, well, they may be giving details, but their odds are so low that they may do nothing but play the spoiler in this race, unfortunately.

Corzine is relying solely on the short term memory of NJ residents, the history of NJ residents accepting the status quo, tons of his own money spent on smear campaigns, union voter turnout, and visits from high ranking Democrats. Obama came by once, but it didn't affect Corzine's polls. Now, Al Gore visits. Yay. Oh, and Bon Jovi played a concert once.

Come on. This campaign is as vague as they come. Where is the substance? If I don't start seeing something soon, I may find myself giving up searching for piano chords so I can learn to play the bugle. Then I can volunteer to play Taps at New Jersey's funeral.

J.E. Braun is the author of Paranoia, a 9/11 survivor's tale. Jim survived 9/11 but his life did not. Follow one man's journey through post-traumatic stress as he attempts to rediscover what once made life worth living. 10% of profits from sales of Paranoia will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund (www.ttof.org). For more information, visit www.jebraun.com.