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There is so much going on today that I cannot blog about it all in length, therefore, I present to you the Blogservations News Brief (and maybe some commentary...ok, mostly commentary).

NJ F.R.A.U.D. Report For those of you who have not been reading long or have forgotten, F.R.A.U.D. stands for Frequent Reminders About the Ultimate Douchebag - a feature I post to help NJ residents remember the things Corzine has done so that they are not taken in by the countless millions he will spend over the next few months to make people forget. Case in point: If you have seen a news report in the past 24 hours, you know that dozens of men including 3 NJ mayors and members of the legislature were taken into custody yesterday as a result of an investigation into human organ trafficking and counterfeit handbags (yeah, I know, weird combo huh?).

This is where Governor Corzine comes in. Quickly and boldly - immediately after other assemblymen called for it - he called for the resignation of the assemblymen. Keep in mind, these men have not been convicted of anything. In fact, one of the men whose resignation he's called for wasn't even taken into custody, his office was searched.

Now, before you get me wrong, I don't disagree with removing these men from office. But here's where the Corzine show begins. "I do not and have never tolerated corruption," he says. Doesn't this sound like somebody trying to counter his opponent Chris Christie's track record against corruption. But is Corzine telling the truth? Well, let's look at Senator Wayne Bryant. When he charges were brought against him - a man Corzine needed to help him with the budget - Corzine's reaction was, well, he hasn't been convicted of anything yet. So what's with this new situation? Can anyone say political grandstanding?

Healthcare Simple question, how come the AMA supports Obama's plans after meeting with Obama, yet every doctor I've heard or spoken to thinks the plan is a nightmare? Was something offered to, or held over the heads of the AMA execs who met with Obama? This wouldn't be the first time. When auto industry executives and bondholders met with Obama a few months back, it was reported that they were told by the administration to accept the small percentage they were being offered or they would be publicly destroyed by the White House Press Corps.

And why have we still not heard anything regarding Tort Reform? In Texas, there is a cap on punitive damages that can be paid in a malpractice lawsuit. This has proven to bring costs down (this means that while you would still be compensated when winning a lawsuit for lost wages and future wages, you could only receive a set amount above and beyond that - so if you're 35 years old and make 50k/yr, you could still get 1.5 million dollars plus say $250k in punitive damages. You couldn't receive your 1.5 million plus say 10 million in punitivie damages). Obama told the AMA he is as concerned as they are with the $200 billion a year that's spent on defensive medicine - unnecessary tests that doctors perform for protection in the event they are sued, but he doesn't support caps. Why not? Well, because he's got lots of friends and legislators who are Tort lawyers and because major punitive damages are entitlements...payouts that are unearned. They are what the name implies - punishment, in the form of wealth redistribution.

Democrats I have said this before, but you as an individual are useless to the Democratic party. They want you to be a nameless part of an oppressed group so they can use you for political gain. Once you stop being of use or God forbid, display conservative values, you will be torn down. Look at the way they praise Sotomayor for being Latina, but tore down all chances for Miguel Estrada to reach the D.C. Court of Appeals despite his being given a "well qualified" endorsement by the American Bar Association.

But what is the most recent example of this? The middle class. When you think of middle class, what careers do you think of? Could it be a firefighter? A plumber? A cop? What respect does the Democratic party have for these people?

Well, we all know Joe the Plumber, right? This man was torn apart by the media who descended upon his hometown and began tearing through his life, his tax returns, his family life. Why? Because he asked Barack Obama a question. Period. Middle class, sure. Willing to roll over and lick the boots of Barack Obama? No. So he was torn apart. When else in history do you recall seeing a person vetted and attacked by the media for asking a question? Did they do it to Henrietta Hughes when she asked the President for help and was subsequently offered a place to live by a Florida representative? No, because she advanced Obama's agenda. Joe the Plumber had misgivings about it so he was attacked.

And what about the firefighters? Frank Ricci was denied a promotion even though he scored high enough on the test to get it. Even though he was dyslexic and worked hard to study for that test. Even though he put out a lot of his own money to somebody who could help him study since his disability made it so difficult to do so alone. Why was he denied his promotion? Because he wasn't a minority. So here we have a middle class man who worked hard to advance himself in life, but was denied because of the color of his skin. He filed a discrimination suit which he lost. Who did this? Judge Sotomayor. What happened to Ricci? Attacked in the press. For what? Working to achieve something and crying foul when it was denied him? (The Supreme Court ended up overturning Sotomayor's ruling that he was not discriminated against).

And now the cops. In Wednesday night's press conference, President Obama was asked about the arrest of Professor Gates in Cambridge. Obama first said he didn't know the facts, but then went on a rant about racial profiling and finally said the Cambridge police acted 'stupidly'! That's a hell of a lot to say for somebody who admittedly doesn't know the facts. I'm not going to get into the details of the case, because whether Gates should or should not have been arrested is not the point. The point is Obama inferring racism and stupidity on the part of the police after saying he didn't have the facts!! And now he's trying to deny what he said. I was watching the press conference and I know what I heard.

Remember all that the next time the liberals try to tell you they care about the middle class. Liberals care only about those who can advance their political agenda.

Global Warming Another study has been released that discounts man's role in so-called global warming. Do you think this will receive any attention in the media? Of course not. It doesn't help advance Cap and Tax. It doesn't make Al Gore any more money. It doesn't give Pelosi an excuse to be able to control your home thermostat or the president a reason to dictate what kind of cars we drive. I will say it again - while conservation of resources, recycling, and independence of foreign oil is good, global warming is a farce designed to increase government control of our lives and tax the hell out of us.

Phew. Okay. I'm glad I got that out of my system. It's Friday. I think I'll turn off my brain for a few days.

J.E. Braun is the author of Paranoia, a 9/11 survivor's tale. Jim survived 9/11 but his life did not. Follow one man's journey through post-traumatic stress as he attempts to rediscover what once made life worth living. 10% of profits will be donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund (www.ttof.org). For more information, visit www.jebraun.com.

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why was that?

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the professor was arrested because he was being beligerent. The police were called to respond to a possible break-in in a neighborhood that had already seen 9 mid-day break ins this quarter. The professor and his chauffer were trying to force the front door open because it had been damaged in a PREVIOUS break-in attempt. When the police arrived, the officer found Gates inside his house already..but did not know it was Gates and asked for ID. Gates immediately began to yell at him and call him a racist. Eventually Gates provided a Harvard ID (which did not include his address so it was not proof it was his home), but the cop repeatedly asked Gates to calm down. When he asked Gates if he was willing to step outside to discuss the matter, Gates said, "I'll step outside with yo mamma". The officer went outside and Gates came to the porch, continuing to yell that he was being profiled and screaming (there is a photo of this online). The officer warned Gates that he was risking arrest. Gates did not stop. The officer warned Gates again, this time holding the handcuffs to emphasize the point. Gates continued to scream at him, at which time Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct. This is the report of the officer, another officer who is not white, and witnesses.

Did he have to arrest him? No, but Gates could have shown a little respect for a cop who was just doing his job.

All that being said...this guy has to go explain to his kids why the President of the United States called his actions stupid on national TV and claimed he was a racist...only moments after stating he did not know any of the facts! Obama immediately assumed it was race, so with no facts he labeled this man a racist and stupid.

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That's unreal

Look, is it possible that something else happened besides what's in the police report and corroborated by another non-white officer as well as witnesses...I guess, sure. I have yet to hear it. But even with that, the point of my post was not about what happened there, but the fact that this officer has to face public and national humiliation at the hands of the President who ADMITTEDLY did not know the facts

And by the way, the officer did not 'come to arrest him in his house'. The officer was responding to a call that somebody MIGHT be breaking into a house in an area where there was precedent..and lots of it (they were trying to force the door open so it's not like Gates was just opening the door with his key and walking calmly into his home). I don't know, but if an officer came to my house and asked for my ID in response to a call because I was trying to jimmy the door open, I'd say thank you officer. Otherwise, I have no right to expect him to show up when it's somebody else breaking in. How the heck is he supposed to know me from a hole in the wall?

I just think everybody is so quick to shout 'racism'! Apparently Obama is.

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What strikes me is you just said, there are two sides to every story, yet this whole debate began with, "I'm glad I moved out of the United States" and "They arrested him because he's black or does the news lie?"

At what point in that did you consider Officer Crowley's side of the story? I'm just curious.

I would once again like to point out that what I wrote in the blog was not that Crowley was right or Gates was right, but that Obama was WRONG for insinuating racism and stupidity MOMENTS after saying he did not have any facts. And I stand by that. I think it's a fair statement.

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Hope that's not an insinuation..

Because I was wondering the same thing. I posted some that didn't make it either...such as the one where I told the gentleman I'd be happy to debate any issues, but I didn't see any..just a personal attack.

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Thank you for the explanation.