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Vampires can be overcome! Think of "Blade"!

Do you know how to recognise a Vampire? Apart from the most sure ways; teeth protruding at the front and a palid skin, oh and surely the nighttime activities!! There are some other telling signs of a Vampire:

  • If you are visiting a cemetary check for gravestones that seem to be toppling. Make sure you go in the day or you could be caught unawares! Also graves that have signs of disturbance.
  • The love of gothic, although not always a sure sign, it can be true and if there are other aspects linking you to recognising the person as a Vampire then watch out!
  •  Looking at your neck rather than your eyes when you speak to someone may be a sign. Although loving kisses to the neck are still beautiful these don't count!

There are ways in which you can overcome a Vampire if you feel the need:

  • The classic garlic will repel Vampires, place garlic cloves by the doors and windows of your home and ALWAYS keep some garlic in the house.
  • As garlic grows nicely with roses, it repels the aphids (VAMPIRES to plants!!), Rose petals are also a cure to heal a Vampire of their ways.
  • A crucifix will keep a Vampire at bay.
  • Silver is another cure to Vampires, a silver stake through the heart works as a wooden stake through the heart into the Earth but instead of simply ending the Vampire's days it will cure them!
  • The sun shining is a protection from Vampires who stay in the night.
  • Never and I mean NEVER let a Vampire across the threshold of your home!
  • Candles lit in your home at night will help shine in the light!

All these ways can help protect you from the world of the "Living Dead"! A world far away from our own. A world where innocent life means no more than their next "meal". All this glorification of Vampires in the movies really does bear no resemblance to the danger we face from these beings. Please be aware of yourself and as night is falling prepare yourself for all occurances! Garlic, Rose petals and salt around the windows and doors will repel all evil.

I hope I have enlightened you and be prepared!!!

Rose flower