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Finding Focus

Here's a brief introduction about me. I'm 18, and I've recently dropped out of college to manage my business. I'm an artist, and I just started my business in redesigning souvenirs.

    I've been an avid writer ever since I started reading books written by Roald Dahl. My personal favorite is "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory." I just loved how Roald Dahl freely plays and pokes fun with his colorful character with eccentric twists and out-of-this-world plots. There's something very childlike with the way he stoytells.

   I started writing lots of short stories after I discovered my love for books. When I was 10, I tried writing novels. But for some reason, I'd find fault with the plot or characters and then discard the whole thing. Until now, I have several unfinished works just filed away somewhere by my mom. My sister would often complain that she'd read the material and then would be disappointed that I didn't finish it. 

   It's painful indeed, just looking at my unfinished manuscripts. I blame writer's block, most of the time, but I eventually realized that when I start writing a new story, another story idea would spring up and then I'd slowly lose interest with the first story I've started with. It's a vicious cycle. I also realized that I was spreading myself too thin, trying to go from one story idea to another, therefore burning myself out. I wasn't focused (a trait my generation has, I think). However, my other story ideas do show some monotone, so it's a good thing I didn't bother finishing the mess.

  I've recently started writing another story, but with conviction that I would stick to it until the very last chapter. i'm immensely enjoying it. Other ideas come into mind, but I just jot the idea down and put it aside until I'm done with the material I'm currently working on. Yay me. :)