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First week of 2009

I didn't really make any New Year resolutions. I didn't set any goals.

Because I tend to just live each day as it happens. And sometimes I wake up and just want to write, or play with the grandkids, or go hiking, or clean the garage. 

I used to be a neat freak. I used to keep "to do lists" and stressed over getting things done. I am glad I outgrew that when I became and adult. I'd rather just LIVE ... and enjoy it for the precious gift that it is.

I am not lazy. I just don't live by a schedule. In reality, my 'paycheck job' doesn't really allow for structure in my life.  Not to mention my adult ADD (which has been officially diagnosed because my husband and son say I have it) keeps me from finishing anything on time ... or even in the same year. (Okay, here I must stress that I CAN, if I HAVE TO, meet a deadline ... I am not totally irresponsible, after all). 

That doesn't mean that there are not things I plan to do. I do have things I am working at and things that I do want to accomplish. And if I continue working on them I will get them done. 

So, what I eventually want to get done, some time this year, is ...   oooh, look! A pretty sparkling thing!