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Joe Bardin's Writings

Impossibly fervent, intolerably vulnerable, I made my growing up an exercise of mind over body, reason over feeling. I thought everyone did this and assumed adulthood would generate its own sense of connection and substantiation to replace what I'd sacrificed. But the more I hid my haunting, the more ethereal I became, until I almost wasn't present at all. So I...
Burrow Press Review
That doctor murmurs non-committal clinical commentary, which I’ve learned translates roughly to What the fuck is that?
Immortal Life
  At the funeral, in a prosaically flat and new cemetery somewhere in suburban Maryland, she suddenly was not real, and I felt pissed about it. I was angry that death had taken Miriam and turned her into a thing in a casket. But there was no one to be angry with. My mother, Miriam’s daughter, uncomfortable with showing her emotion in any case, wore that...
Toad Suck Review
  I learn that advertising agencies typically have writers on staff, so I target graphic design firms for my barrage of cheerfully desperate cold calls. I call every graphic design firm in town, from the larger firms of ten or more, down to the freelancers working at their kitchen tables. I exaggerate my experience sufficiently to suggest that I have some,...
Dignified Devil
  Though unready to do away with my unibrow, I am somehow prepared to walk into Phoenix modeling agencies and offer my services.