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My sister calls and emails daily the last few days of July and the first few of August. Each beginning of August I get blue. Terribly so. By the time September rolls around I usually snap out of it. Don't know why. Just the way I am. It's hot and humid. I hate to close the house up for a/c, so it'...
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Can trust, once broken, ever be repaired? Should it be? I'm struggling with this question. It is eating away at me. I've always been very quick to trust. Always assumed others to be trustworthy. Despite continued experience to the contrary, I continue to put faith in people. Why? Am I foolish? I'm...
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My husband was out on the road yesterday and saw a young man walking his bicycle along the highway. On his return trip Bill saw the young bicyclist was still walking further up the road. Bill did a u-turn and stopped to ask if the young man needed help. He did. His bike had a flat. He didn't want...
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My skin crawls. I scream inside my head. My heart races. I have the hebbie-jebbies.  It was another rainy Monday. Another day to deal with bills, disrupptions and interruptions. Unease and disease surround me. I try to shake it off. I try to ignore it. Walk it off? Eat it away? Drink it away? Sleep...
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I startle with each crash as log after log is tossed into the truck bed behind me in my neighbor's yard.  This part of his yard is far from his house and usually unpopulated, but since that first startling crash when a huge limb separated itself from the tree there has been a buzz of activity...
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My baby - a nearly 6-foot, nearly 21-year-old - just got engaged. Yikes. Granted he's only a year younger than I was when I was engaged and two years younger than I was when I married, he still is so young. He's promised me that he won't marry until he finishes undergrad (well, originally, that...
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I'm losing the battle. The slugs are winning. Each evening and morning, I venture into the garden to pluck slugs off my annuals, smashing them in a piece of paper. The little buggers can eat an entire marigold or petunia in one night. They continue to mock me, forming a convoy up my sliding glass...
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I need a change of venue. I require an altered state. I fancy a different view. I yearn for a varied routine. I desire a transformation. I crave an unusual taste. I hunger for a new feel. I want to not be me.   
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I'm struggling with a personal statement that is leading me to believe that I have nothing to say. My first attempt was, I'm told, too colloquial and bitter. Fair enough. My second attempt, not authentic, too generic. Ouch. Where do I go from here? Write about yourself. Aw, geez. Thought I did. You...
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Our sluggish economy has translated to a lack of editorial oversight. It seems the region's television networks and area's affiliates in addition to local newspapers have chosen design over content. If I see one more promo with an ordinal instead of a date (Oct. 24, not Oct. 24th) or an apostrophe...
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The Queen of Soul knows a  thing or two about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Aretha Franklin deserves respect for her career. She's put in the training, the time and has the talent.   Editors, although hardly deserving of such royal status, are instead the Rodney Dangerfields of the literary world. They get no...
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Why is it I sabotage myself so often and so completely? No one has it out for me with quite the vigor I do. If only I employed a portion of that energy to move forward instead of reinforcing the chains that restrain me.  How will I learn to unbind my homemade fetters? How, if learned, will I summon...
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I'm sooooo angry. Obsessed with anger. Can't stop thinking how angry I am. Grrrrrr. It's overtaken me, making my heart pound, my stomach churn and my head ache.  I should go mow the lawn - a good activity to burn away the anger - but the grass is only to seed in a few places and it's begun to rain...
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Today was the deadline, according to our bylaws, to get the board-approved budget out to congregational members before our annual meeting in May. I'm the president of my church's board of trustees so it fell on me to get the dang thing in the mail by 5 p.m. And the board members knew this. We met...
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When you have an elderly parent, hearing the telephone ring late at night or early in the morning is heart-stopping. I've been fairly consumed by caring for my mother lately. At 83 she just had her knee replaced. The surgery went well, but she's having trouble with medication, sometimes seeming...
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