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Our younger son and his wife moved in with us this past August so he could attend law school nearby in Philadelphia. They gave up their jobs and apartment in Georgia and moved much of the contents of their lives into our small house - along with two cats.  Ajax, a needy and rebellious black...
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I'm fighting that soul-sapping green-eyed monster. It gnaws at my gut, leaving me defensive and defenseless.  I become someone I don’t like, yet, unfortunately recognize. I’ve been here before and never enjoyed the visit. I vowed to never return. I try kind words to buy my one-way ticket out...
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  Little Aubrey visited our house for the very first time today! I held her for hours as her daddy packed up Little League and swimming trophies. She and I stood swaying gently in what was once his and his brother's room and will now be his brother’s and soon-to-be wife’s room as his brother...
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disrespected disillusioned disjointed dismayed disappointed disregarded discounted disappeared dis this disassemble dismember disavow disolve resolve regard reevaluate reassess regroup reassemble reappear rejoin respect  
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I’ve been forced to slow down. A stomach virus decided I was going too fast. I’m not certain who gave it a vote, frankly, but it was more of a coup than an election. The new regime decides I should sleep – interspersed with moaning now and then. The new rules require me to spend hours staring out...
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  Ah, that annual trip to the mall to visit Santa – hoping the little one won’t scream on the big elf’s lap, or worst yet, refuse to go near him. I trundled seven-year-old Jonas and four-year-old Henry into line at the mall Santa. As little Henry was transfixed by the animated toys and...
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Too many love stories I’ve read depict a brief encounter, a love that needn’t last, so not much is asked of it. Audrey Niffenegger’s “The Time Traveler’s Wife” gave me a much more familiar perspective of enduring love. Although Clare and Henry meet, marry, start a family on much the same calendar...
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The days stand before me, endless with little of substance to fill them. Yet, the hours pass quickly, knowing full well they will never again return. It’s as if they are pleased they got away with it – escaped before being tapped, sated with a promise forsaken. 
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How do I prove my worth? Can I ever? What is my worth? Does it matter? I've been wondering that today as life swats me down yet again.  How is it that some people acquire such an aurora of value, while others just don't? Is perceived stature actual stature? Does it matter? I'm one of those people...
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So, it seems today is Hawaiian shirt day. Hmm. I'm wearing white.
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I sneeze fairly regularly. When I do, the three young women with whom I share an office space blurt out "Bless you" as I say "Excuse me." It is the only time I exist. Certainly, they'll mumble a reply when I say "Good morning" or "Good night"  as they enter...
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I barely recognize myself lately. A strange calm has taken the wind from my sails. Yet my tiller reverberates, partially submerged in the murky waters. My mooring repels me. My anchor drags the sea floor, stirring up jetsam, snagging flotsam. I stand, waiting for a clear breeze, longing for refuge...
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The full moon filled the room's lone window. Its beam of light cutting through the filmy curtain wasn't to blame for her restlessness; her racing mind was. She checked her phone again. Four bars. Battery fully charged. No messages. Call already!  He probably just fell asleep on the couch, she told...
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The last day of August has always been rough for me. Something about the back-to-school hubbub, the change in seasons, the ebbing daylight that brings on a panic of sorts. Not certain if it's a fear of losing my embrace on summer or one of not being prepared for the slap of autumn's speed. This is...
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Sunday morning, early heat wave has the temperature rise to 85 at 10 a.m. Humidity high. Arrive to my congregation with messages to convey, proxy votes to collect from members who will not attend the upcoming annual meeting over which I preside as president of the board of trustees. Gather extra...
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