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It's been a while since I've written a blog entry, but not since I've written. I write all day, every day. Today I drafted a letter to the editor for a client. Then several reports. Next I wrote some plans for events for another client. Later, it was a press release for yet another. I write all day, for people with no respect for writing, for people with no care for precision. I've learned not to be married to my words, not to insist on clarity, not to try for interest. I write by rote. Bored and boring. At times painful. But the paycheck every two weeks eases the discomfort somewhat. Only somewhat.

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Jodi, I still like your Red Room photo.

You might incorporate it in your business letterheads. It might serve to distract clients from you lack of clarity and interest.

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Respect for writing

Jodi, do you keep a journal? A journal is a great place to escape. In a journal you can write anything just let the pen flow like a paintbrush across the page! The more abstract the better!M

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Hi Jodi,
Sorry, but I disagree with you. you are not writing for coins, but for your love of writing, otherwise you have chosen any thing else for a carrier. Writing it self is a great thing no matter for whom and what you are writing.keep it up there are many like us to go and share with.

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my three muses

Dennis, I'm afraid the owner of my company wouldn't appreciate my substituting my pic for his logo. But thanks for the laugh. :-)

I do journal, Mary. But I don't have your ability to let the words flow. You're amazing that way. I'm very tight with my writing. I can't seem to lose that. Your work inspires me to keep trying. It's very meditative, the flow you find.

Jitu, I used to be a journalist, mainly arts, entertainment and adventure. THAT was when I loved writing. Public relations? Eh. Don't love the writing much at all. It can really be quite deadening. I do write my president's column for my church newsletter each month. That's more enjoyable. But it doesn't pay. :-(

Happy weekend to each of you!

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thanks for reply
and wishes for women's day.