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white flag

I'm struggling with a personal statement that is leading me to believe that I have nothing to say. My first attempt was, I'm told, too colloquial and bitter. Fair enough. My second attempt, not authentic, too generic. Ouch. Where do I go from here? Write about yourself. Aw, geez. Thought I did. You're different, say why. Maybe I'm not. Why do you want to write, then? Maybe I don't. 

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Are you having to create a writing sample for a job? I had to do that once, and it's so difficult. The people already know what they want, and if you're not giving them that precise thing, it's just not right.

I kind of like what you wrote up there. Could you use that as a lead paragraph & run with it?

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falling short

I'm trying to write a personal statement to apply for grad school, so I'm not sure I should let on that I struggle to say anything about myself, I guess. I'm racked with doubt and not sure I'm up to the challenge of grad school because of my struggle with something as simple as this. To which my sister gave me a verbal lashing via telephone yesterday.
I understood the criticism of the first draft and thought I had corrected it. Thought I had it in the second and now I'm just discouraged. I know that decent writing takes more than two drafts, but I'm stuck. I truly don't know what to say for myself. I'd much rather put words in a character's mouth. LOL