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Virus Coup d'Etat

I’ve been forced to slow down. A stomach virus decided I was going too fast. I’m not certain who gave it a vote, frankly, but it was more of a coup than an election. The new regime decides I should sleep – interspersed with moaning now and then. The new rules require me to spend hours staring out the window, where I watch a mated pair of red-tailed hawks rest on a tree limb. The male lifts and swoops toward a squirrel running across the yard.  My husband, tired of not only fending for himself in the kitchen, but also eating by himself, heats yet another plate of pasta in the microwave as I force myself not to gag at the scent of tomato sauce. I sip my now-cold tea and whimper. This reign comes with costs. 

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Get well soon Jodi.  I know

Get well soon Jodi.  I know that feeling!  But if it's any consolation, slowing down is always good, there are more benefits to reap from taking a moment, doing nothing and letting the others do the work :-)  Everyone deserves a break, and my guess is that you deserve this more than you realize that is why the stomach virus crept in... we never know when it's time to take a break!  :-)

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Thanks, Rina. It was a forced

Thanks, Rina. It was a forced break, though, and I bristled against anything forced on me. Rather defeats the purpose, but I did try to relax and am feeling much better, finally, today. I'm back at work, which is good since I need the paycheck. :)

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I hear you

I was there last week.  A particularly nasty norovirus was sweeping through the state, swept me up along with it. Thanks to My Beloved Sandra, I survived.  It wasn't completely incapacitating, though, so I was able to get caught up on crorrespondence, blog read/writing, etc., so at least there was an up-side.

Recoup soon.

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It is a nasty one, Ron. Sorry

It is a nasty one, Ron. Sorry to hear you had it, too. Wasn't able to do much of anything on Friday, but got a bit caught up on reading and such on Saturday and Sunday. And the Super Bowl on chicken broth and tea. Fun.

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Oh poor old Jodi! Methinks

Oh poor old Jodi! Methinks doth will be recovered before the new sun arriveth anon. Tea and toast for the lady on a silver tray. mx

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Aw, thanks, Mary. Tea and

Aw, thanks, Mary. Tea and toast is my traditional remedy (my mother used to call my father's family the "damned tea and toast Thompsons") but toast didn't sit well this time around. Haven't yet been brave enough to try it again. I'm on my feet again, however shaky.

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Get Better!

When I saw the title, I thought this was about computers, and thought, poor Jodi. Turns out it's a bio issue. So then I thought, oh, that's right, people get viruses (virii), too. Poor Jodi.

Oh, no, tea and toast is also my solution, with honey in the tea. Don't know what I'd do if I couldn't stomach toast when I'm sick. Glad to know you're back on your feet.


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Ha! You're more prone to

Ha! You're more prone to computer viruses, it seems, Michael. All better now! Thanks!