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the queen of inertia boogies to jingle bells

This afternoon our office closes for the annual holiday party, but we're instructed to tell our clients we're at a meeting and give them our private mobile phone numbers.

We will car pool to a local restaurant. A few poor souls, those presently - some chronically - disfavored by what I will generously call leadership are required to stay behind or return early to staff the phones.  Happy holidays - just not for you!

Of course, we are all pleased to be employed in these rough economic times. A few of us may even be gifted with a end-of-the-year bonus. As we should. We put in countless billable hours.

However, I'm afraid that my dear employer is missing a wonderful opportunity to heal the rather toxic atmosphere in this office, one surely noticed by clients as they are introduced to yet another account executive who will handle their every request.

Tell your clients that your employees are valued. Tell them that for 3 hours on a Friday afternoon we will be unavailable. Tell them to respect the comraderie built during this time-honored tradition. Breaks in the action, vacations, time off, bonding are important - even, or especially, in tough times.