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I started a new project today. A benefit of unemployment has been the time to devote to a new writing project. Silver lining!

I'm a trained scriptwriter, yet haven't written my own work in some time. I have edited and rewritten others' work. Fun, sure, but not the same as starting your own piece. Today I started. Eleven pages. Pure drivel. Hopefully it will develop into something, given time and energy. Both of which I now have. 

I had forgotten about that indecision, fear and panic that marks the early days of a new project. Will it amount to anything? Will it work? Am I wasting my time? Time will tell, I imagine.

On to page 12. 

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This is great news Jodi, fly

This is great news Jodi, fly with it! M

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Jodi, maybe you needed to go

Jodi, maybe you needed to go through all of those changes to be able to "forget the indecision, fear and panic". Good luck! Keep us posted on that baby!

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A new piece

Dear Jodi:
My youngest daughter is a piano player (she's a natural, if I do say so.)The funny thing--and I watch it every week--is she will moan and groan about the new piece her teacher has given her. When she finally sits down, she'll spend many agonizing hours figuring out the different parts of the song. After a couple of days, though, she'll be whizzing through that song, playing it as if the notes were an extension of her soul.
Until the next lesson. Then the process begins again.
I've learned a lot from her struggle. These days, after procrastinating as much as possible, I sit down with a piece and-- instead of opening the story and beginning at the beginning of the chapter--I write down whatever's inside my head. Some thoughts for the beginning of the chapter, some dialogue for the end, and some stuff that might end up being a conclusion. It feels strange--a log of plunking and playing. But when I return, the pieces have a way of fitting together. And I whiz along. Until the next piece.:)
Best of luck--and thanks for stopping by.

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slow and steady wins the race

Thank you for the encouragement, Red Room friends! I appreciate it. Especially today when it's storming. Outside and inside - thunder and downpour outside while my husband struggles with taxes inside. Instead of writing the newest scene in my head, I'm counting medical receipts and going online to see what I paid in interest on my son's tuition loans.
Still, I managed to get a few more pages written, and, even better, have gone back through what I'd already written to add in characters, action, twists that I'll need later.
It's still far from competent or complete, but it's getting there all the same.