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the blue heron
blue heron in the mangrove swamp

I am on an island, a strange and small island. I can walk to one side and see the sunrise and hours later watch the sun set some 25 yards away on the other side. Today I saw the sunrise and set. I've barely slept. My travel mates have slept marathons. I've only slept sprints.

This island is set amidst some of the most beautiful water and mangrove swamp possible. But the island itself, is...rustic. Not rustic in a lovely way, although it could be if there weren't broken beer bottles, soda cans, blue plastic tarps, a shower faucet and vial of blood on the beach. Instead it's rustic in an unkempt way. Being here in the off season probably doesn't help. However, it is quiet. 

Well, not at the moment. I'm having my ear bent by a local while I take advantage of WiFi at an empty bar. Although the island is not overly crowded at the moment and many on it are friendly and fun, some folks, like this drunken, overly-animated local, pollute the silence. One of my travel mates, a friend of a friend I'd never before met - lesson learned - sullies the beauty of the place with her self-absorbed, self-serving rubbish.  

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I feel claustrophia setting

I feel claustrophia setting in, why don't you wade out into the water and lie on an inflatable li-lo, close your eyes and escape? I would. m

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Ah, good idea, M. Problem is

Ah, good idea, M. Problem is there isn't an inflatable to be found, and the weather is rather brisk. The water isn't quite the take-your-breath-away-make-your-skin-turn-red cold, but make-you-gasp chilly.
Back at my favorite WiFi spot this morning with a really gusty wind. The boats in the bay are rocking as much as I imagine this bar does on a Friday night in June. But at the moment, it is silent except for the wind, the gulls and the rooster, and an occasional thump of the tarp protecting the sound equipment on the band stage.
Have to say, I've never seen roosters and goats in this close proximity to a nightclub. :)

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Sounds wonderful, full of

Sounds wonderful, full of whispers and ghosts - just my kind of place. Enjoy. Write more about it. It's fascinating. m