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spring break is over

My youngest son and his girlfriend have returned to campus. We are empty nesters once more. I'm fine with that. I miss my sons when they are not home and love to see them. But when they return to school, I enjoy the quiet and calm once more. 

Tonight my husband and I will teach, as we do on Sundays for 28 weeks a year. And tomorrow I will start the new chapter in my life - the unemployed writer. Right after I finish the laundry, vacuum the playroom and get in my submissions for my congregation's April newsletter. Right after that. Well, I might work out a bit, clean the kitchen floor, check my email...

I still wear the crown, tarnished as it may be. :-) 

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Prepare for further life adventures

Jodi, Keep an open mind and a game heart. Who knows what unexpected joys will swerve your way on the morrow and the countless following morrows? Have your laptop ready so you can allow us to vicariously enjoy a wee bit of your glorious serendipity.

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Will do, Dennis!

Will do.