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slippery slope

Wheeeee, I’m sliding. Quick, thrilling, stunning. Then I see what waits for me at the bottom. Sharp, agonizing, ugly. I dig my heels in. I slow somewhat. I rest. The heels on my boots are worn smooth. I start slipping again. Downward. I reach out, grasping, burying my hands in the muck. My hands ache with the cold dampness. I feel a root and squeeze, slowing my descent. For now. The plant is slippery, like the slope. Its nerve works its way through my grip. I gain speed, falling. I flip over, kicking into the hill with the scuffed toes of my boots, burrowing my fingers into the dirt. There I hang, by my fingernails and fine grit.

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Ah, geez.  I feel this like a

Ah, geez.  I feel this like a weight.  And you are courageous to speak to it.   Because it is so very discouraging.  

Leaving politics aside, it cannot be denied that the sequester will affect people's lives in a negative way.  But that Congress will still get their annual $170,000 (or so) salary for life no matter what harm they bring to the personal finances of the citizenry.  

The French Revolution comes to mind.  (After all, why should the citizenry be the only ones grabbing for roots on the slippery slope?)  


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It is a weight. You're right, Amy. A weight that so many are bearing, and I feel their immense burden along with my own. It infuriates me that a few aren't carrying their share of it, such as the Congress. Yet I'm equally frustrated with those who vote in representatives whose sole purpose seems to be to obstruct. 

Let them grab roots!


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Yes! And they'll be begging

Yes! And they'll be begging for cake as the dirt gets under their manicures!

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Love the visual!

Love the visual!

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Might as well be a metaphor

Might as well be a metaphor for the state of Ireland at the moment! m

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Bad there, as well, isn't it,

Bad there, as well, isn't it, Mary? Such a shame that so much talent and energy is squandered in unemployment/underemployment.

I just don't believe austerity is the answer. This sequester is brutal on some over here. Others aren't feeling it a whit.

Here's to brighter skies over us all!

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At my job, I hear about tough times and frequent moves.  Lots of broken computers and printers at a time when my profession is moving towards online portfolios and computer work at home.  There's a huge disconnect.

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good point

My printer has been down for weeks. The color cartridge, which never gets used, has decided to take it hostage and I haven't yet replaced it. It's probably cheaper to get a new printer than replace a cartridge I don't use. (sigh) Seems hardly worth owning a printer any more when everyone can just read whatever it is on their hand-held devices. There is a disconnect in how things are done. And it is huge. Just not sure how it will be repaired, or if it will be. (bigger sigh)