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If I win I'll

give it to the victims of Hurricane Sandy

chuck all my worldly goods and hike the AT

buy my brother and sister-in-law a house

not quit my job

quit my job

still finish law school

travel the world

buy my church a new building

save my town's swimming pool

pay off all my bills

buy a new car

buy a new house

travel the world

sail the Caribbean

do all the things I haven't yet.

These are all the things I hear from those of us playing the Powerball lottery. For $500 million at 1 in 175 million odds, I can't help but wonder which of these will come true.


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A close friend once entered a

A close friend once entered a competition and said if she won, she'd give me half the money.  She did – and she did.  I'll never forget that.  

I think it would depend on how much I'd win.  Still, since it wouldn't be money I'd actually earned through work, I'd like to think I'd give a portion of it away.  But not to a charity.  Rather, I would give it straight to someone I knew needed it, but who didn't tick all the charity boxes.  

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Wow - good friend,

Wow - good friend, Katherine!

I'm fascinated by how people imagine spending such an unimaginable amount of money. I'm also amazed by how quickly some folks can go through that kind of money. 

Reasonable housing and transportation, and great health insurance would be among my first expenditures. Paying off bills, making sound investments and taking care of people I love would be up there, too. Then causes I care about.  Then travel. 

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if I win I still would not

if I win I still would not give up working! But I would definitely find a better job that keeps me cool :-)

Nice to see you Jodi!

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Yes, stress isn't cool.  Nice

Yes, stress isn't cool. 

Nice to see you, too, Rina!