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poor, poor, pitiful me

Jessica's pity puddle must be contagious. I've fallen into a pile of self-pity and can't get up.

I'm discouraged in my work - although I know I should be happy to have a paycheck. I'm defeated, deflated, depressed and lost in alliteration.

Ah, the green eyes of envy are flashing. I covet other's lives. I regret my choices and my inertia. I scorn my lack of ambition. I revile my inability to muster motivation.

I'm hoping it's simply late-winter doldrums. Guess I'll do as I always do - muddle through.

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Get a pet!

Jodi, you need some unconditional love. A pooch or a cuddly cat is what the Dr. orders.

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pup, kitty or stallion?

I don't think I could stand to have anything depend on me to care for it. But I'll take it under advisement. Honestly, the rain/snow/sleet mess outside right now - what little I can see of it in this basement cubbie - has got me down. I imagine if it were a sunny, warm day, I'd be in a much better state of mind.
Hmm, instead of a pup or kitty, maybe a lover - a young, energetic thing? Hmm... Do you think my husband would object?
I will ponder that with a smile.