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I only exist when I sneeze

I sneeze fairly regularly. When I do, the three young women with whom I share an office space blurt out "Bless you" as I say "Excuse me." It is the only time I exist.

Certainly, they'll mumble a reply when I say "Good morning" or "Good night"  as they enter or leave our shared space each work day. If asked a direct question, they'll respond, pleasantly enough. But it is when I sneeze that I know I exist.

I don't exist during their extended conversations on hair, vacations or cars. I don't exist when they bring in bagels to share. I don't exist when they make trips to Dunkin Donuts for iced tea. 

I've learned they prefer not getting ananswer to their many questions. I've learned they don't care for my opinion. I've learned that being "a temp" means you don't exist. Except when you sneeze.

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Keep sneezing! H reports

Keep sneezing! H reports that I have the most unladylike sneeze in the entire universe and it does get me noticed. m

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Oh, I might give you a run

Oh, I might give you a run for your money on most unladylike sneezes in the entire universe, Mares. 

It's just odd, isn't it, though, how someone can act as though you don't exist, except feel compelled to say "Bless you" when you sneeze?

Feeling especially sorry for myself today. Wasn't told about a meeting until it had already started. Wasn't invited to share an office birthday cake until well after it was served. By then I was too embarrassed to arrive late, so I skipped it. The three women in my shared space didn't care for the coconut, I heard them say between comments about what something meant that I could've easily explained to them. They prefer to remain in the dark. And I adore coconut. 

I think I'm more suited to working remotely. I hardly need someone to bless me. 

Certainly hope you are faring well, Mares. I should be ashamed at all my complaints here in light of your recent loss. I'm am sorry for your loss and hope your good memories outweigh the sadness soon.  

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I had a good laugh reading

I had a good laugh reading this! I imagine the office scenario :-)... Good morning and Bless you out of politeness. Other than that, you're just a fly! :-)) Thanks for sharing.

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A fly? Nah, perhaps a gnat.

A fly? Nah, perhaps a gnat. :)
Thanks, Rina!

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This reminds me of the

This reminds me of the standard, "How are you?" people throw out then don't really listen for a response because 1) they don't really care and 2) they expect you'll say, "Fine." We are more than mere gnats to be blessed and how are you-ed. Keep sneezing Dear Jodi. By the way, How ARE you??

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Beverley, I guess I should be


I guess I should be pleased to not be swatted away. How am I? Not great - but trying to get there each day. 

Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to an update on that lazy-assed character of yours. :)


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Ha ha

Very interesting observations about your co-workers. They are missing out on so much by lacking friendliness to a newcomer. I am sure they have no idea how silly they look to an astute writer and that we here in RR are laughing at them.

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Too funny, Sue. Actually, I

Too funny, Sue. Actually, I managed to win them over eventually. I was only there as a temp, so I guess I can understand their hesitancy to invest in me at all. I am now done. Unemployed yet again. Been a rough couple of years.