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hop over easter

Is there a term for skipping Easter that's similar to "bah humbug" for Christmas? I'm skipping Easter this year, for the most part.

It started when my mother scheduled surgery the day after Easter. There are numerous doctor visits and preparations this week and on Sunday.

My older son mentioned if he's going to stay in his relationship he'd better visit his girlfriend next weekend, Easter, because he had to work last weekend, her birthday when he'd promise he'd visit and didn't. Since she's alone in a new city and I not only like her but also like him with her, I encouraged him to go.

Then my younger son sheepishly asked if he could stay at school for Easter and spend the day with his girlfriend's nearby family. They have a toddler- what could be more fun than a toddler at Easter. Sure, stay.  Experience their church service at Easter, the egg hunt with children, Easter dinner a different way. You know, without your uncles sniping, without your grandmother's complaints, without the drama. Or a different drama altogether. Who knows?

After  my husband and I attend our separate churches (someday I'll have to explain what my husband considers "church"), my husband and I will spend the day outside, hopefully the weather will cooperate enough for a round of disc golf, and then have a small dinner of ham and asparagus. I'm planning a white coconut cake, too.  That will be Easter enough for me. Then it's off to my mother's to help her pack for the hospital.  

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Jodi, I love the sound of

Jodi, I love the sound of the coconut cake...and it sounds like you are ''doing'' Easter just like you want to do it.

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coconut all around

Guess maybe you're right, Mary. Hopping over the eggs I don't want and landing on the ones I do. Bill and I love coconut cake. Our youngest son hates it - so I'd never bother when he's home. I sent him chocolate chunk cookies in the mail. My mother loves coconut cake, too. I'll have to take a slice over to her on Sunday night.

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Coconut..... send me coconut.............yum

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Happy Easter!

It sounds like an Easter of open-hearted understanding and love - what else is Easter about? But you know what jumped out, was that line about your husband and you attending different churches. I like that! Religion and faith can be a cause for family dysfunction and tension, a push-me-pull-you dynamic. There is something very refreshing about the relaxed, expansive and tolerant expression of family in your post.
Except I guess when it comes to coconut cake.

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I'm googling coconut cake!

I'm googling coconut cake!